Meaning of cyberchondria in English:




See cyberchondriac

‘Many Internet users are following inaccurate information online, which U.K. researchers say can lead to erroneous self-diagnoses and cyberchondria.’
  • ‘Overwhelming amounts of online medical information are leading researchers to coin a new psychological classification called "cyberchondria" that describes people who obsessively misdiagnose themselves using the Web.’
  • ‘We wrote about this back in February, but apparently the researchers behind the idea haven't gotten enough publicity yet, so they're out pushing the idea of cyberchondria again.’
  • ‘She has featured in a number of articles about cyberchondria, which occurs when an individual surfs the net in a frenzy of health anxiety.’
  • ‘The phenomenon of cyberchondria - where patients take as read material they have spotted on the Net, then tell their GP all about their supposed condition - is already with us.’