Meaning of cyberchondriac in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪbəˈkɒndrɪak/


  • A person who compulsively searches the internet for information about particular real or imagined symptoms of illness.

    • ‘everybody is terribly health-conscious these days—it's no surprise that many people are becoming cyberchondriacs’
    • ‘There's a couple of things that you can do to sort of do safe surfing without becoming a cyberchondriac.’
    • ‘So to become a "cyberchondriac" and join the 80 percent of Americans who scour the Web for health information, click here for the latest.’
    • ‘Just don't become a cyberchondriac, will you?’
    • ‘Are you a cyberchondriac?’
    • ‘Health information online is breeding a generation of cyberchondriacs.’
    • ‘Like hypochondriacs constantly imagining they have various fatal illnesses, cyberchondriacs declare themselves outrageously sick after reading medical material on the Web.’
    • ‘The percentage of all adults who are cyberchondriacs increased from 27% in 1998 to 34% in 1999, 47% in 2001, and 53% in 2002.’
    • ‘Cyberchondriacs are less likely to be older people and people with low incomes.’
    • ‘Doctors are on the alert for a new kind of victim: the cyberchondriac. With so much health information now in the Internet, thousands of people are using their computers to try to match symptoms with diseases.’
    • ‘She suggests that fellow cyberchondriacs try what worked for her: 'I stopped looking up my symptoms on the Internet'!’
    • ‘It is because cyberchondriacs fervently believe they are physically ill that they get so frustrated when told they are not.’
    • ‘Australian doctors have warned that they are coming across various 'cyberchondriacs' - patients who misdiagnose their illnesses after Googling their symptoms.’
    • ‘Self-diagnosis is dodgy at best and when it comes to trying to determine whether you are a cyberchondriac, it's bit of a Catch-22 situation.’
    • ‘Many health professionals warn the web has created a world of cyberchondriacs.’
    • ‘If you're one of those people who frequently looks up their symptoms online and then panics at the diagnosis, or rather 'search results', it's possible that you're displaying all the hallmarks of a cyberchondriac.’
    • ‘One of the main problems that cyberchondriacs face is that the web is not always reliable.’


1990s blend of cyber- and hypochondriac.