Meaning of cybersphere in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪbəsfɪə/


  • The realm of information technology and electronic communication, especially the internet.

    ‘our attempts to police the cybersphere can be likened to a solitary bobby on a bike patrolling the M1’
    • ‘Your stream lives not on a particular computer but "in the cybersphere" - meaning that (a) you can "tune it in" from any network-connected computer, and (b) it's stored, ultimately, on many computers.’
    • ‘That sort of thing just makes everyone more leery of using the cybersphere.’
    • ‘The cybersphere doesn't appear to be his milieu.’
    • ‘On the airwaves and in the cybersphere, there is a rage today that, in politics, always means just one thing: it stung.’
    • ‘Have a great week, catch you in cybersphere somewhere.’
    • ‘I tried posting this entry from Berlin, but it disappeared somewhere into the cybersphere.’
    • ‘Eventually they will become shared cultural monuments in the Cybersphere.’