Meaning of cyborg in English:



  • A fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

    • ‘Its 2032 and the few human beings remaining on Earth co-exist with cyborgs, human spirits inhabiting mechanical bodies, and dolls.’
    • ‘He walked across the docking bay, stepping over bodies - every one of them human - and the cyborgs followed obediently.’
    • ‘Though almost everyone agreed with the manuscript's message, the cyborgs still devastated the human population.’
    • ‘Science fiction portrays robots and cyborgs as making our lives simpler.’
    • ‘More strongly stated, we are and have always been cyborgs, and to be human means to be technological from the earliest of human history.’
    • ‘As they drew closer, the shadows distinguished themselves as cyborgs and soldiers, although they looked exactly like humans.’
    • ‘With small portable devices that function as if they were a true extension of our minds and bodies, we all become cyborgs.’
    • ‘Salon argues that some diabetics using automated insulin pumps are actually some of the first cyborgs.’
    • ‘Join forces with the hero in a battle to prevent mankind's extinction at the cold, steel hands of futuristic cyborgs.’
    • ‘What struck me most about the book, though, was the sense that this is the first of a new genre: the memoir of people becoming cyborgs.’
    • ‘Barry had taken an early interest in all things technological and was forever building spaceships and cyborgs and stuff of that nature.’
    • ‘He coasts from near-disaster to near-failure, until finally he is taken as hostage by cyborgs.’
    • ‘There is a real sense in which we are already cyborgs, and have been ever since we became the language and tool using creatures we are.’
    • ‘Someone in one of my classes a few years ago wanted to know if cyborgs feel pain.’
    • ‘Earth Force realises that cyborgs are extremely effective in combat situations’
    • ‘Warwick claims cyborgs will buy us time in the evolutionary race between people and robots.’
    • ‘Others fear the creation of soulless cyborgs that make Orwellian predictions look timid.’
    • ‘It's an accessible depiction of a lonely cyborg and his dog and Oshii allows you to savour every detail.’
    • ‘Stuart himself may indeed be a cyborg, but how can the average person claim this?’


1960s blend of cyber- and organism.