Meaning of cycle rickshaw in English:

cycle rickshaw

(also bicycle rickshaw)


  • (in South Asia) a three-wheeled bicycle for public hire, with a covered seat for passengers behind the driver.

    ‘Ex-cabbie David Kennedy had hoped to start ferrying passengers on his cycle rickshaw in April.’
    • ‘The cycle rickshaw is parked while its driver sees a movie.’
    • ‘The bustle of Old Delhi, seen from the back of a bicycle rickshaw, was the India that we had come to see.’
    • ‘We rode on a cycle rickshaw to Har-ki-pairi, the holiest spot in Haridwar where the god Vishnu is believed to have left his footprint, sealing the place's sanctity and making it one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism.’
    • ‘The most committed Chhau performer can be forgiven if he would rather watch his son pedal a cycle rickshaw on the streets of Ranchi than starve as an unemployed dancer.’
    • ‘A middle-aged Sikh offered to take me into town on a cycle rickshaw.’
    • ‘I was about to give up after about 15 minutes when a cycle rickshaw appeared by my side from nowhere.’
    • ‘That very day, crossing the street on his way home from school, her brother had been knocked flat by a bicycle rickshaw, losing consciousness for several seconds and earning a minor laceration on his forehead.’
    • ‘Many foreigners think that the bicycle rickshaw has been consigned to the history books, but in fact they continue to be widely used in Dhaka.’
    • ‘A virtual conspiracy of one-way narrow streets makes a horse-drawn carriage or hired bicycle rickshaw an easier and more novel way to experience the city than a car.’
    • ‘Dr. Anil Rajvanshi, engineer-inventor, left a successful career in America to return to India where he focused on appropriate technology, developing an improved lantern and cycle rickshaw.’
    • ‘He pioneered a solar-powered desalination plant and developed India's first battery-operated cycle rickshaw for transporting people or goods.’
    • ‘There is a determined section of low-budget tourists who do not mind traveling in the city buses or hiring cycle rickshaws at times of necessity.’
    • ‘Bullock carts loaded with farm produce, cycle rickshaws packed with little school children, horse-drawn buggies with shoppers and their purchases went past, giving a wonderful feeling that nothing much had changed here.’
    • ‘On Sunday morning some people took a tour of Mylapore on cycle rickshaws.’
    • ‘Rajendra Ravi points out that cycle rickshaws are the only mode of existing transport (besides the bicycle) that is totally non-polluting and ideal for short distance travel.’
    • ‘Brightly colored cycle rickshaws from Nagpur will now grace the roads of London to relieve the city of its pollution problem.’
    • ‘Vintage cycle rickshaws are also available for short distance pleasure trips.’
    • ‘The new cycle rickshaws, made from lighter materials, weigh nearly 40 percent less than the traditional models.’
    • ‘It's a place where bicycle rickshaws navigate streets more like alleys, and where the alleys are so narrow you can reach out your arms and touch buildings on both sides.’