Meaning of cyclic redundancy check in English:

cyclic redundancy check

(also cyclic redundancy code, CRC)


  • A code added to data which is used to detect errors occurring during transmission, storage, or retrieval.

    ‘The embedded microcode supports features like disk-to-disk copy and rebuild, packet cyclic redundancy checks and generation, hot-plug and asynchronous event notification.’
    • ‘Through its cyclic redundancy code, SATA is able to detect all single and double-bit errors, making it a very robust and reliable architecture.’
    • ‘It provides the header information and 8-bit / 10-bit encoding/decoding, along with cyclic redundancy check and scrambling.’
    • ‘With the introduction of Ultra 160 SCSI, three key technologies were introduced and include dual-edge clocking, domain validation, and cyclic redundancy check.’