Meaning of cycloaddition in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪkləʊəˈdɪʃ(ə)n/


  • An addition reaction in which a cyclic molecule is formed.

    ‘Nitrone cycloaddition and retro-aldol reactions have also been applied to the total synthesis of morphine.’
    • ‘The photochemical reaction pathways of the different cycloadditions were explored on the basis of TD-DFT calculations using the Gaussian 98 implementation of the method developed by Scuseria and co-workers.’
    • ‘Interplanar angles of 40.5 and 39 have been found in the 5-ethoxypsoralen-thymine and 5-butoxypsoralen-thymine photoproducts, respectively, where the cycloaddition occurs at the pyrone ring.’
    • ‘These data confirm that cycloaddition occurs between the 8,9-double bond of HFQ and the 5,6-double bond of thymine.’