Meaning of cycloidal in English:


Pronunciation /sʌɪˈklɔɪd(ə)l/



See cycloid

‘Desargues proposed cycloidal teeth for gear wheels in the 1630's.’
  • ‘Huygens believed that a pendulum swinging in a large are would be more useful at sea and he invented the cycloidal pendulum with this in mind.’
  • ‘He also worked on cycloidal pendulums, the laws of resistance in a fluid and differential geometry.’
  • ‘The ships are fitted with two independent Voith Schneider 18GH cycloidal propellers, which provide propulsion and steering in cruising and minehunting modes, and two twin tube bow thrusters.’
  • ‘Our arch is a cycloidal arch, inspired by the one in Kahn's Kimbell Museum.’