Meaning of cygnet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡnɪt/

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  • A young swan.

    ‘After hatching, parents led the cygnets to feeding grounds on lawns surrounding the lake or shallow water close to the shore.’
    • ‘Goslings graze with their parents out of the water whereas swans teach cygnets in the water to be aquatic feeders.’
    • ‘Congratulations and well done to the two English anglers who were fishing on Gills Pond recently and rescued a young cygnet that was in trouble.’
    • ‘The swans had three healthy cygnets that will leave the lake next year.’
    • ‘Six mute swans and cygnets and three foxes were found dead close to one another in Kilcoole some days ago.’
    • ‘The two swans and their four cygnets became covered in oil after the dredgers dug the substance up from the canal bed.’
    • ‘On Friday the fully recovered male swan was reunited with his brood of five cygnets on the River Kennet.’
    • ‘A crack appeared, growing slowly until a pink beak and then a wet, silvery-grey head emerged - a trumpeter swan cygnet.’
    • ‘When the eggs hatched, the mother swan paraded with her six grey cygnets in the bay in front of our house.’
    • ‘The two swans and their family of three cygnets on Lough Talt this summer proved a big attraction with tourists pulling up along the shore to admire these graceful birds.’
    • ‘I was annoyed to see whilst riding along the towpath on the way back into town that the swans have lost one of the cygnets in the past couple of days.’
    • ‘The mother had lived on the river for eight years and had hatched three cygnets this spring.’
    • ‘They saw an injured female swan and wondered why the male was not protecting its cygnets.’
    • ‘The added danger from predators in the river has led to the cygnets being killed by foxes each year.’
    • ‘Father, mother and two cygnets were released back on to the lower lake at The Lawns in December.’
    • ‘The three cygnets are now well developed and in the fall when their feathers grow, they will rise in flight from the lake waters.’
    • ‘The beautiful pair were placed together at a wildlife site at Cheadle Royal Business Park in the hope they would mate and produce cygnets.’
    • ‘We have a breeding pair of swans on North Bradley lake and for the last two years all of their cygnets have been taken by foxes.’
    • ‘The two swans have brought seven cygnets into the world.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French cignet, diminutive of Old French cigne ‘swan’, based on Latin cycnus, from Greek kuknos.