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cylinder head

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  • The end cover of a cylinder in an internal combustion engine, against which the piston compresses the cylinder's contents.

    ‘Very small roller cam followers are installed in the cylinder head to operate the valves instead of the conventional bucket-type tappets.’
    • ‘It is equally important for the engine parts to be functioning in excellent condition - from the cylinder head to the crankshaft, the valvetrain, the pistons and the piston rings.’
    • ‘The bolts are torqued in a special sequence to draw the intake manifold and its molded rubber gasket on to the cylinder head.’
    • ‘With the camshaft below the cylinder head and a semi-dry-sump lubrication system, the engine weight is carried down low in the frame and the block size is compact.’
    • ‘The cylinder head has a thin-wall combustion chamber design, and the water jacket has been expanded to reduce knock by specifying M12 long-reach spark plugs.’
    • ‘The welding of the two hot pieces of metal causes the removal of the softer seat metal and subsequent recession of the valve into the cylinder head.’
    • ‘The smoke is almost certainly a result of seals around the valves in the cylinder head starting to fail.’
    • ‘If the gasket breaks down, small holes develop between the cylinder and the cylinder head, and these holes cause leaks.’
    • ‘The cylinder head is a single overhead camshaft, two valve type.’
    • ‘The next thing we did was remove the cylinder head, which revealed a piston nicely seized in the barrel.’
    • ‘Modern engines have a more compact hemispherical combustion chamber to give greater efficiency and reduced emissions, with the valves mounted on the top of the cylinder head and opening in a downwards direction.’
    • ‘A compressor for an automotive air conditioning system includes a cylinder head that comprises a mixing chamber, suction chamber and discharge chamber.’
    • ‘The crankcase jacket, bedplate and cylinder head cover are all made from magnesium, which weighs 30 percent less than aluminium.’
    • ‘Designing the valvetrain, Walker contends, was much easier than creating the high-compression cylinder head.’
    • ‘The cylinder head is aluminum, with the vertically-mounted valves actuated by roller rockers.’
    • ‘The droplets wet the vertical exhaust passage, and when the engine is shut off, the droplets fall and collect in the exhaust manifold runners that go to the cylinder head.’
    • ‘Advanced technology is such that it allows engines to share the same basic components while the fine tuning and other components, the cylinder head for example, are specifically dedicated to the personalisation of the different brands.’
    • ‘The entire system is pre-assembled and dropped as a module into position in the cylinder head.’
    • ‘Although the cylinder head is aluminium, the block itself remains a traditional cast iron unit.’
    • ‘There's a roll bar to offer some protection to the top of the cylinder head and a hefty foam bumper at the front of the car.’