Meaning of cylindrically in English:


Pronunciation /sɪˈlɪndrɪk(ə)li/


See cylindrical

‘Three cylindrically shaped fragments of breast tissue were obtained.’
  • ‘This cylindrically shaped tool with a tapered section on both ends is used to expand the mouth of brass cases by hand.’
  • ‘The clay that goes into making this cylindrically oval vessel is found only on the beds of tanks in Adilabad.’
  • ‘Microtubules are long cylindrically shaped protein filaments that are able to give mechanical strength to a living cell.’
  • ‘The calculations are used on objects which are cylindrically symmetric.’
  • ‘Screw a drum (cylindrically shaped metal piece) in where the touchhole used to be.’
  • ‘In this piece, the artist shone light up through a cylindrically shaped, color-effect filter to create a kind of overhead eyeball with a shimmering, dark purple iris.’
  • ‘Cylindrically curved slopes successively inner-reflect illumination light.’
  • ‘Similar to limestone stalactites, there are two forms, hollow cylindrically shaped soda straws, and the cone shaped drip pendants.’
  • ‘It was a complex network of narrow tunnels that broke out into vast, high-ceilinged chambers with the sides curved cylindrically like the hull of a ship.’