Meaning of Cymraeg in English:


Pronunciation /kəmˈrʌɪɡ/


mass noun
  • The Welsh language.

    ‘The closest cognate in the Cymraeg "pantheon" would be Rhiannon, whose name also translates to "Great Queen".’
    • ‘St Brigid is the Irish deity of the same name, as St David is the Welsh / Cymraeg Dewi or Dwr.’
    • ‘The Celtic language of Wales, known to its speakers as Cymraeg.’
    • ‘By 700 C.E., the Britons referred to themselves as Cymry, the country as Cymru, and the language as Cymraeg.’
    • ‘Welsh, or Cymraeg, is a Celtic language belonging to the Brythonic group consisting of Breton, Welsh, and the extinct Cornish.’
    • ‘As you might guess, the word Welsh is not used by the Welsh: they call their language Cymraeg, their country Cymru and themselves Cymry.’
    • ‘There is a Welsh / Cymraeg deity named Morgan, who deals with water (rivers, I think?) and is not the same as The Morrigan.’