Meaning of cytidine in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪtɪdiːn/


mass nounBiochemistry
  • A nucleoside composed of cytosine linked to ribose, obtained from RNA by hydrolysis.

    ‘The disorders can be treated with uridine and/or cytidine, which leads to increased UMP production via the action of nucleoside kinases.’
    • ‘Deoxycytidine was separated from cytidine using thin-layer chromatography.’
    • ‘The by-products of exogenous citicoline formed by hydrolysis in the intestinal wall are choline and cytidine.’
    • ‘The C5 atom of cytidine bears a substantially larger negative charge than many nitrogen atoms in popular nucleic acid force fields.’


Early 20th century from cyto-+ -ide+ -ine.