Meaning of dace in English:


Pronunciation /deɪs/

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nounplural noun dace

  • A small freshwater fish related to the carp, typically living in running water.

    Leuciscus and other genera, family Cyprinidae: several species, in particular L. leuciscus of northern Eurasia

    ‘The Foss currently contains a good population of fish including brown trout, dace, chub, roach and barbel, although in places natural habitat is very limited and there are localised problems with silt.’
    • ‘Nine thousand young stickleback, roach, dace, chub and eels died along an 11 km stretch of the beck.’
    • ‘Most species of river fish will be surveyed including trout, grayling, dace, barbel, chub and pike.’
    • ‘That day, I had flounders, sea trout, roach, dace, crabs, grey mullet, bream and bass out of the same swim.’
    • ‘Brown trout, dace, perch, pike, roach, tench and eels were killed after Cypermethrim was released into the surface water drains of an industrial site in Sleaford.’
    • ‘Coarse species include those big roach, dace, carp, grayling and pike.’
    • ‘By carrying out the project we hope to attract fish, such as chub, dace, grayling and trout as well as other wildlife back to this particular stretch of river.’
    • ‘The survey teams have been collecting data on the numbers of grayling, dace, barbel, chub, roach and pike in North Yorkshire.’
    • ‘It is no longer just roach, dace, bream with the odd perch - carp appear to be more common than in the past.’
    • ‘The lake is also home to a wide variety of fish, such as the rare vendace, roach, dace and pike.’
    • ‘On the Derwent the stretch among the boats above Sutton on Derwent weir is good for roach and dace, with odd chub also showing here and at Wheldrake.’
    • ‘I was soon regularly catching roach with the odd dace.’
    • ‘This small section of water holds typical Thames weir stream species such as chub, barbel and dace.’
    • ‘Most of the other top placed anglers struggled for tiny dace, roach, bleak and chub.’
    • ‘Low flows have made it more and more difficult for coarse fish such as chub and dace to make their way to their customary spawning grounds in the Kyle.’
    • ‘The mouth of the dace is much smaller than that of the chub.’
    • ‘If river levels are low enough, I recommend a visit to the Wharfe at Healaugh, where float anglers should find plenty of small dace willing to provide bites.’
    • ‘The average size of the chub and dace is fairly small in the Darwen itself, but there are plenty of them.’
    • ‘The stream was no more than five foot wide and a foot deep, but while I was after chub and wild brown trout with free-lined worms, maggots and breadflake, I also took a number of large dace.’
    • ‘So far 25 salmon, as well as two brown trout, one sea trout, three lamprey and two dace, have been trapped.’


Late Middle English from Old French dars (see dart).