Meaning of dacitic in English:


Pronunciation /deɪˈsɪtɪk/



See dacite

‘The sulfur at El Desierto occurs in a whitish to grayish Pliocene tuff, consisting mostly of hardened, chiefly andesitic to dacitic, volcanic ashes, and capped by basalt.’
  • ‘Previous work also has documented the presence of two distinct magma compositions beneath Nevado del Ruiz, one andesitic and the other dacitic, with mixing and mingling between the two during the November 1985 eruption.’
  • ‘The injection of a mafic magma into a more silicic magma chamber is an important trigger mechanism in moderate-sized andesitic, dacitic and rhyolitic eruptions.’
  • ‘The oldest rock unit exposed is the arc-related Uriconian Group, consisting of lavas and tuffs of basaltic, basaltic-andesite, dacitic and rhyolitic composition.’
  • ‘Taapaca Volcanic Complex is a large dacitic volcano located in the western border of the active zone of the Central Andes of Northern Chile.’