Meaning of Dacron in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdakrɒn/

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mass noun Trademark
  • A synthetic polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) with tough, elastic properties, used as a textile fabric.

    ‘a suit of dark blue Dacron’
    • ‘square woven Dacrons are the best choice for sails’
    • ‘Dacron three-piece suite’
    • ‘The permanent implants are made of synthetic fibre Dacron.’
    • ‘He bolted large shaped lengths of blue Dacron to opposite sides of a central aluminum bar so that the plane of the painting twisted.’
    • ‘Carbon fibre covered with Dacron doesn't shrink and deform.’
    • ‘More modern plastics include Teflon (used in non-stick pans), Lycra (used initially in sports wear), Dacron (crease and rot-resistant material used in sailing and tents).’
    • ‘As the material has less stretch than Dacron, it is advisable to check with the bow manufacturer, if it can be used.’


1950s an invented name.