Meaning of Dad and Dave in English:

Dad and Dave


informal Australian
  • Characteristic of rural life or values, especially when viewed as comical.

    • ‘a farmer down in the Dad and Dave country’
    • ‘This is in no way a criticism of the present minister, who could be found a spot more in line with Dad and Dave philosophies.’
    • ‘To turn the state over to the incestuous nepotism and cronyism of Dad and Dave shire councils would be an abject failure.’
    • ‘He was pulling his Dad and Dave routine again on Saturday—man of the land, you know—to promote himself (as always).’
    • ‘Merv puts the romantic Dad and Dave image of the Australian agricultural landscape where it belongs—in the grave.’
    • ‘Our early attempts of making films could not get over the Dad and Dave outlook which gave so fake an impression of our country folk.’


Early 20th century from the names of two characters in the stories of the Australian writer Steele Rudd (1868–1935).