Meaning of dad bod in English:

dad bod


  • A male physique that is relatively slim but not lean or toned.

    • ‘you wouldn't expect pro athletes to have dad bods’
    • ‘The pictures went viral, with social media users poking fun at his so-called "dad bod" and joking about his advancing age.’
    • ‘Only anecdote, but I asked around recently and most women I know prefer the dadbod to muscled bodies.’
    • ‘Trust me when I say I am not a high-level athlete, only athletic in a "dad-bod" kind of way.’
    • ‘Nick also opened up about having children in the future, admitting it's likely he will end up with a "dad bod" one day.’
    • ‘Basically, the dadbod has nothing to do with changes in metabolism, and everything to do with changes in life as you age.’
    • ‘The 48-year-old father-of-four also earned attention for his self-confessed "dad-bod".’
    • ‘Just read an article about why girls prefer the "dad bod" over a ripped guy so now I have an excuse to eat like four pizzas today’
    • ‘Ironically he has just had to counter claims he's let himself go recently too, after a US tabloid published photos of his 'dad bod'.’
    • ‘The land of beer and brats embraced the soft-around-the-center dad bod long before the rest of America discovered it.’
    • ‘I would honestly rather walk naked through town than go on twitter, and apparently I have a "dad bod" so that would be no fun for anyone.’
    • ‘She sees the dadbod as a celebration of normal guys over male models.’