Meaning of dad joke in English:

dad joke


  • An unoriginal or predictable joke, especially a pun, of a type supposedly told by fathers.

    • ‘he makes a lot of corny dad jokes’
    • ‘They apparently met on the set of Paradise Lost—where it sounds like, excuse my dad joke, paradise was found.’
    • ‘Does your dad make you cringe with his dad jokes and constant usage of LOL in text messages?’
    • ‘Dad cracked a dad joke and the teacher nodded politely.’
    • ‘I really am in rare form with the corny dad jokes today.’
    • ‘As he strolls confidently into the room, he tells everyone not to move, making the first of his embarrassing dad jokes.’
    • ‘He's made a career out of telling dad jokes.’
    • ‘Don't try to hide it—you enjoy a silly dad joke as much as the next person.’
    • ‘If there's anything better than a punny dad joke, it's 54 of them rattled off in hyper-quick succession.’
    • ‘I am a sucker for goofy puns and dad jokes.’
    • ‘He makes a lot of terrible, corny dad jokes.’
    • ‘You're never too young for terrible dad jokes.’