Meaning of dadagiri in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑːdəgɪri/


mass nounIndian
  • Intimidating, coercive, or bullying behaviour.

    ‘he will be doing the same kind of dadagiri that he is used to’
    • ‘we will stand by them in this fight against dadagiri of political parties’
    • ‘There was so much dadagiri, especially in my area.’
    • ‘Blatant dadagiri in the guise of hurt sentiments for alleged distortion of historical facts is absolutely unacceptable.’
    • ‘When villagers protested, they did dadagiri and threatened us. ’
    • ‘This is nothing short of contempt; this dadagiri has to stop.’
    • ‘ I never did any dadagiri—I did force them to admit the boy, as his life would have been in danger if they didn't admit him.’
    • ‘Their dadagiri has had a bad impact on Bengal's theatre , he said.’
    • ‘Do I have to be subjected to this kind of dadagiri for no fault of mine?’
    • ‘I am a brave woman and their dadagiri won't work with me.’
    • ‘He stood up boldly to the dadagiri of the then ruling party.’
    • ‘We are no longer scared of their dadagiri.’


Hindi dādāgīrī ‘hooliganism’, ‘gang rule’, from dādā ‘older brother’ (used for a gang leader) + Urdu -gīrī, a combining form denoting activity.