Meaning of daddy's girl in English:

daddy's girl


  • A girl or woman who is particularly attached to, and indulged by, her father.

    • ‘He didn't fall into the trap of making her a daddy's girl to compensate.’
    • ‘It's awesome to see a prissy little daddy's girl down something she hates.’
    • ‘Rosanna, being a good daddy's girl, seems to have taken it upon herself to blame Maresa for leading her dad astray.’
    • ‘The self-proclaimed daddy's girl says that her father is responsible for her attitude about community service.’
    • ‘She, too, was fabulous as the pretty little daddy's girl who always gets her way.’
    • ‘And Rachel, being the only daughter and a daddy's girl, did get everything she desired.’
    • ‘I was never a daddy's girl.’
    • ‘And she must be daddy's girl, because this is a smooth, silky bossa nova swoon, from beginning to end.’
    • ‘I was pretty close to the old man; I'd even go as far as to call myself a daddy's girl under some circumstances.’
    • ‘She was more of a daddy's girl than mum's girl and they spent a lot of time together.’
    • ‘I was a daddy's girl when I was small.’
    • ‘A shy, self-professed "daddy's girl," the Mountain Home Hacker Middle School ninth-grader cried when her father left.’
    • ‘She used to be such a daddy's girl and her new habit of distancing herself from him hurt more than he could describe.’
    • ‘Sunday Styles redemmed itself just a little bit this week with a cover story on daddy's girls.’
    • ‘In an interview once, Michelle said that Malia, her older, quieter child, took after her, while sassy little Sasha was pure daddy's girl.’
    • ‘I was a real daddy's girl so when my dad passed away it was hard for me.’
    • ‘The waifish daddy's girl and the goofball indie genius are officially calling it a day.’
    • ‘When she tries to be sultry on a tune like "Naughty Girl," she sounds like a daddy's girl going through the motions.’
    • ‘I never thought I was a daddy's girl, that I put my father on a pedestal, but it seems I have.’
    • ‘"I always was a daddy's girl and I always will be a daddy's girl," Montgomery said, her voice filled with emotion.’