Meaning of daff in English:


Pronunciation /daf/

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  • A daffodil.

    • ‘The tulips and daffs can be planted as deep as 8 inches if you are planning a real extravaganza of a container display, so plan accordingly.’
    • ‘If you have done the daffs and the bluebells and have a taste for pink, then head out now and see the docks in bloom on Fulford Ings.’
    • ‘The days were getting longer, the blossom was on the trees and even in our back garden, the barren earth was being pierced by what look uncannily like daffs and tulips.’
    • ‘We can't follow the river all the way, because there's no footpath, so we take a nice loop up the west flank of the valley, coming down at more riverside meadows and daffs.’
    • ‘Meanwhile at home, the first daffs were reluctantly unfurling, and half my scillas haven't come out yet.’
    • ‘The daffs were coming up outside my door, snowdrops throughout my lawn.’
    • ‘They were also concerned that there might be floral incomers in Farndale (as in the Lakes), flash daffs rather than the wild narcissus pseudonarcissus.’
    • ‘The daffs, which are a non-native species, are being offered for sale in 16 lots through the internet auction site eBay from today until Easter Sunday.’
    • ‘In Sardis, where the community has its own ‘parks and gardens department’, there were some early daffs in flower.’
    • ‘We know that spring is here - the daffs are up, indeed some are fading fast, lambs are gambolling, and everyone's going gardening crazy.’
    • ‘Wallace is Ireland's undisputed daddy of the daffs - he grows 42 types on his 140-acre farm, from which he produces 600 tons of bulbs every autumn.’
    • ‘During the week I was interested to note, first, that the days are definitely getting longer, and secondly that already the daffs were beginning to appear.’
    • ‘All that's left, after tea at the Daffy Café in High Mill, are the classic daffs glowing in the perfect meanders of the River Dove.’
    • ‘The daffs are out, the sun is shining and rotund men are hanging around Lendal Bridge.’
    • ‘Steven Bradshaw's image of Mr Yellow soaking up the sun amongst the daffs in Museum Gardens is simply one to make you smile.’
    • ‘On the central strip along the Great Western Road in Glasgow, the daffs have already bloomed and wilted.’
    • ‘You'd expect crocuses this time of year, of course, but, amazingly, there are daffs too.’
    • ‘Little did he know that the relatively mild winter conditions would coax the daffs to bloom months early.’
    • ‘The daffs are at their peak at the moment, and it's a jolly sight after a dreary winter.’
    • ‘Jonquils also offer a lovely fragrance - try highly-fragrant ‘Suzy,’ a jaunty little daff with yellow petals and a red cup.’