Meaning of dai pai dong in English:

dai pai dong


South East Asian
  • A traditional licenced street stall, typically with a small seating area, selling cooked food at low prices; (now more generally) any food stall of this type.


1980s; earliest use found in The New York Times. From Chinese (Cantonese) daaih pàaih dong from daaih great, big + pàaih plaque, licence plate + dong stall, so called because stalls selling prepared food were required to display their government licence on a larger sign than other street vendors, but also analysed (probably by folk etymology) as showing pàaih row, line-up (and accordingly sometimes written with the corresponding character), on account of the stalls lining the roadside.


dai pai dong

/ˌdʌɪ pʌɪ ˈdɒŋ/