Meaning of daikon in English:



another term for mooli
‘He hands it down to Kyu, a Korean fine artist who stands about half his height, to slice the carrots, zucchini, and daikon for the vegetable tagliatelles.’
  • ‘Sashimi consists of cuts of the finest raw fish and seafood garnished with crisp shreds of daikon and dipped into soy sauce and the hot, green Japanese horseradish called wasabi.’
  • ‘I enjoyed a combination of julienned raw beef with daikon, sweet rice vinegar, and raw egg yolk that produced a steak tartare with some sweetness and crunch.’
  • ‘Thai cooking uses wonderful ingredients such as eggplant, daikon, Chinese broccoli, lime leaves and young ginger as well as spices including cinnamon,’
  • ‘Arrange some daikon, cucumber, and taro root in the center and roll to enclose.’
  • ‘Using hand-held blender or whisk, mix together potatoes, flour, milk, eggs, egg yolks, pepper and daikon.’
  • ‘Sliced daikon adds crunch to this crisp, cool dinner partner.’
  • ‘For the salad, in a medium bowl, toss to combine the micro greens, daikon radish sprouts, red onion, celery, apple, and trout.’
  • ‘Place some tuna in the center and top with some fresh wasabi, sakura ebi, shiso, daikon sprouts, wasabi, and salmon roe.’
  • ‘Place a mound of daikon on the back edge of the banana leaf and lay three slices of red radish next to it.’
  • ‘These exotic products include lychees, fresh coriander, orca, pak choi, fresh curry leaves and unusual vegetables such as yams, daikon and bitter gourd.’
  • ‘The broiled rouget (with daikon radish and crunchy yellow lentils) had a similarly monkish, almost dried-out quality.’
  • ‘Less unusual but just as good were the plump and tasty dumplings and a simple daikon salad of finely julienned radish atop dressed greens.’
  • ‘This time around mom put chicken, Chinese cabbage, green onions, grilled and deep-fried tofu, and enoki mushrooms, and served it with a whole lot of grated daikon radish along with soy sauce and yuzu juice.’
  • ‘Blanch daikon rounds in chicken stock until tender.’
  • ‘Another mustardy taste sensation is provided by the Japanese daikon, or white radish, which can be sown in both Spring and Autumn in this area.’
  • ‘I've also seen the radish sandwich take on an Asian cast: grated white daikon radish, piled high in a dramatic open-faced sandwich atop black bread, cucumber and pickled ginger.’
  • ‘Place some quail eggs on top and garnish with fleur de sel and daikon sprouts.’
  • ‘Also on tap are plump dumplings, simple daikon salad and deep-fried eggplant in a sweet-salty sauce sprinkled with shallots, seaweed and ginger.’
  • ‘The department had achieved encouraging results from trials of burdock and daikon, used in soups, salads and pickled.’



/ˈdʌɪk(ə)n/ /ˈdʌɪkɒn/


Japanese, from dai ‘large’ + kon ‘root’.