Meaning of daily life in English:

daily life


  • The activities and experiences that constitute a person's normal existence.

    ‘the routines of my daily life’
    • ‘The way you experience your daily life will hinder your ability to cope.’
    • ‘It is true that people take their cues from what they see and experience in daily life.’
    • ‘This summary of body image accords with the common experiences of daily life.’
    • ‘There are also few new experiences for you, just the humdrum of daily life and the loneliness of having to get on with it on your own.’
    • ‘Sometimes you step back from your routines of daily life and think about your life as a whole.’
    • ‘I think a central space should be designed for daily life, not for special events.’
    • ‘Sharon grew up in an area where musicianship and song are integral facets of daily life.’
    • ‘Gambling is a fundamental part of human nature - we all take risks in daily life.’
    • ‘It's more a story about problems within us and dealing with daily life in a city like this.’
    • ‘When was the last time you applied what you purport to believe in to your daily life?’