Meaning of daimonic in English:



See daimon

‘Harpur argues that ‘the classic grey alien seems to have taken the place of the daimonic entities that have always stalked the world.’’
  • ‘Meanwhile, the ‘moral’ issues at stake have to do with Baudelaire's revision of the sacred as being a daimonic capacity for understanding the self and its relationship to others.’
  • ‘Yet the resemblances of drama to ritual, verse to spells, and inspiration to shamanism also show literature imitating magical operations that are essentially dynamistic and daimonic.’
  • ‘The creativity of the poet's daimonic reflections can be especially appreciated in his predilection for the adjective ‘mystique.’’
  • ‘The feline presence enables the poet to use the words of his poems as a ritual of daimonic self-reflection that is a kind of satanic Black Mass with three parts moving from devotion to eroticism to mysticism.’



/dʌɪˈməʊnɪk/ /dʌɪˈmɒnɪk/