Meaning of dairy factory in English:

dairy factory


mainly New Zealand
  • A building or group of buildings where dairy products are manufactured.

    ‘wood waste is already used as a fuel in a number of dairy factories’
    • ‘A month-long lockout of workers in an at-times bitter industrial dispute at a Waikato dairy factory is over.’
    • ‘He had been the youngest man in New Zealand to become a dairy factory manager.’
    • ‘Comparisons between dairy farming around 1900 with dairy farming today highlight the role of technology in a modern dairy factory.’
    • ‘By 1896 there were no less than 46 dairy factories in the district.’
    • ‘Most dairy factories wash their stainless steel equipment with strong iodine solutions for sterilization.’
    • ‘Every dairy factory held a dance during their winter season.’
    • ‘Less work for dairy factories in turn will partially offset recovery elsewhere in the manufacturing sector.’
    • ‘A handful of contractors still worked the bush remnants, cutting firewood for dairy factories.’
    • ‘Men were relocated to jobs in other parts of the country, with East Coast workers filling jobs at south Taranaki dairy factories.’
    • ‘Some of the photographs show people at their jobs: a mining village, farms, a dairy factory and a bush railway.’