Meaning of dairy product in English:

dairy product

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(also dairy products)
  • A product containing or made from milk.

    ‘low-fat dairy products’
    • ‘When there is an unexpected guest, we can rush to the nearest shop for fresh dairy products.’
    • ‘Dairy products belong in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘She baked some 'vegan' chocolate chip cookies, assuming dark chocolate to not contain any dairy products.’
    • ‘There are dangers in avoiding dairy products, because they provide calcium, protein vitamins A and D, as well as other nutrients.’
    • ‘He agrees that the consumption of other high fat dairy products should be reduced.’
    • ‘When most people think of calcium, they automatically think dairy, and for many consumers, their favorite dairy product is cheese.’
    • ‘In many areas it is economical to manufacture dairy products at some distance from the market and transport them to market.’
    • ‘Dairy processors face some additional challenges in their efforts to provide organic dairy products.’
    • ‘Chinese cuisine is low on fat, with none of the dairy products so common in Western diets.’
    • ‘Of the 30 types of cupcakes on the rotating menu at this funky shop, nearly two-thirds are strictly vegan, made without dairy products or eggs.’