Meaning of dairying in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛːrɪɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The business of producing, storing, and distributing milk and its products.

    ‘he has a qualification in dairying’
    • ‘good dairying districts’
    • ‘There is no greater commitment in agriculture than dairying, and brothers Ken and Alan Placke were staring that commitment in the eye.’
    • ‘There have also been new entrants to agriculture, changes in farming partnerships and some farmers have left dairying to begin livestock production.’
    • ‘The mid-South region has seen major crop shifts occur as tobacco production has decreased and dairying has diminished.’
    • ‘Farmers and others were welcomed to an information session last month in Stuarts Draft on organic dairying production and marketing.’
    • ‘Danish immigrants contributed to American agriculture, particularly dairying, in a variety of ways.’
    • ‘He had a keen interest in technical agriculture, especially dairying and financial management.’
    • ‘It will be very hard for young people to stay in dairying, with milk prices of around €1 a gallon and the need to keep developing to avoid being left behind, he said.’
    • ‘These producers will likely be forced out of dairying within the next 20 years.’
    • ‘Initially he planted crops, but then he changed to mixed farming and finally to dairying.’
    • ‘Grazing is less labor intense than conventional dairying and makes most sense on farms that rely on family labor, says Fales.’
    • ‘Could pasture-based dairying be profitable for you?’
    • ‘The project is gathering and analyzing data to evaluate various aspects of low-input dairying in Minnesota's sometimes harsh climate.’
    • ‘But unlike many, Qual and his brothers have children who are intent are carrying on the family dairying tradition.’
    • ‘States without urban milksheds pursued a less industrial model of dairying in their agricultural extension policies.’
    • ‘His father accepted the federal Dairy Buyout of 1985, then returned to dairying in 1991.’
    • ‘But he had grown tired of the seven-day-a-week pressure of dairying and was looking for a change.’
    • ‘While early efforts were aimed at marketing vegetables, the emphasis soon turned to dairying.’
    • ‘But she still has a hands-on role in the dairying business, helping with the milking when needed, and dealing with the mounds of paperwork.’
    • ‘The intensity of the labor in farming and dairying is well-known to all who have ever concerned themselves with it.’
    • ‘There are also displays about shearing, dairying and the role of women in agriculture.’