Meaning of daisy bush in English:

daisy bush


  • A shrubby evergreen Australasian plant of the daisy family, which typically has grey-green leaves and bears fragrant flower heads.

    Genus Olearia, family Compositae

    ‘The tiny fieldmouse who lives in the daisy bush comes out for seed near me, unafraid of even my quicker movements.’
    • ‘Choose plants that need less water, such as pinks, lavender, buddleia, French honeysuckle, daisy bushes, rock rose and the African and Peruvian lily.’
    • ‘Deadhead flowers like roses, cannas, agapanthus, daisy bushes and dahlias; this will keep your garden looking tidy and will encourage more flowers.’
    • ‘In late December / January purple mint bushes and white daisy bushes line the forest road at lower levels and the tiny sky lilies and pratias form mats in the boggy grasses around Echo Flat.’
    • ‘There is a cottage garden in front with lavender, rosemary and daisy bushes.’