Meaning of daisy wheel in English:

daisy wheel


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  • A device used as a printer in some word processors, consisting of a disc of spokes each terminating in a printing character.

    ‘When Jim gave me the responsibility for publishing the computer center newsletter, the first thing I did was order new daisy wheels that didn't slash the zeroes.’
    • ‘This particular daisy wheel is from the 60s.’
    • ‘A few computer programs and special-order daisy wheels are available to transform modern typewriters or word processors to the Dvorak keyboard, but the demand for these products is small.’
    • ‘Invariably I was offered the solution of buying enough different daisy wheels so that I would have (almost all) the desired symbols at my disposal.’
    • ‘The Silver Reed daisy wheel printer purchased to complement the computer was $895 (extra daisy wheels were $22.50 each, tractor feed for paper was $160), and the 300k-baud rate modem was $535.’