Meaning of daks in English:


Pronunciation /daks/

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plural noun

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Trousers.

    • ‘A third guy wandered in wearing an old pair of trackie daks (with a hole in one knee) and a tatty old jumper.’
    • ‘An old grey-haired but balding man approaches, wearing trackie daks.’
    • ‘A bronzed lifesaver in bright red pool daks and a goofy cap is an Australian icon, although they're starting to wear shorts a la Baywatch or bikepants lately.’
    • ‘‘If we're expelled, I'll drop my daks in Red Square,’ he said.’
    • ‘So I ended up looking all professional when I could have been wearing tracky daks and a scungy t-shirt.’


1930s (as a proprietary name for a brand of clothing): first recorded in this sense in the 1970s.