Main meanings of dal in English

: dal1dal2


Pronunciation /dɑːl/


(also dhal)
mass noun
  • 1(in Indian cooking) split pulses, in particular lentils.

    ‘Some seeds are consumed as green peas, but most are turned into dal (split pulse) More dal is made from pigeon peas than from any other legume except channa.’
    • ‘The meal may include chapati, dal, vegetables and rice pudding.’
    • ‘This is a lovely soup that is based on Indian dhal, which tastes best when it is heavy on the ginger.’
    • ‘They included a large number of food items and medicine such as milk powder, drinking water, sugar, rice, flour, dhal, tea, onions, potatoes, canned fish, and soap.’
    • ‘That very day I went to the market and stocked up the house with atta, dal, potatoes and besan.’
    1. 1.1A dish made with lentils or other split pulses.
      ‘If you opt for the non-vegetarian platter, you get roti, dal, veg pulao and raita, chicken gravy, kebab and gajjar ki halwa.’
      • ‘Serve with luchis (fried puffy bread) or with rice and Bengali dal (sweet-and-sour lentils).’
      • ‘Combine the moong dal and the lentils in a bowl and wash in several changes of water.’
      • ‘One is a pungent red lentil concoction similar to dhal with a muskier, meatier taste.’
      • ‘She wrote: ‘I loved all the food you made, especially your rice and dhal and spicy vegetable mixtures.’’


Hindi dāl.

Main meanings of dal in English

: dal1dal2




  • Decalitre(s).