Meaning of dalasi in English:


Pronunciation /dɑːˈlɑːsiː/

nounplural noun dalasi, plural noun dalasis

  • The basic monetary unit of Gambia, equal to 100 butut.

    ‘Some two million dalasi is still outstanding which is yet to be paid to communities in the LRD.’
    • ‘Since 1986, the dalasi was unpegged to pound sterling where it has then free floated.’
    • ‘When they do, quantities are relatively small and prices are extremely high at about 300 dalasis per kg.’
    • ‘If there are no surviving dependents, burial expenses are payable up to a maximum of 1,000 dalasi.’
    • ‘The big boats cost 1200 dalasis / hour and 5500 dalasis for the full day, regardless of the number of people on board.’


Alocal word.