Meaning of Dalit in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɑːlɪt/


  • (in the traditional Indian caste system) a person who does not belong to one of the four castes in the varna system, in particular a member of the Scheduled Castes.

    ‘He is a Dalit, a member of a lowly caste that traditionally performed the most menial tasks in Indian society.’
    • ‘As I am a Dalit, a member of a lower caste, the discrimination I faced angered me, and I wanted to do something about it.’
    • ‘Even in some modern traditional festivals, the Dalits find a place.’
    • ‘This led him to insist that as long as the Dalits and other low castes remained within the Hindu fold, they would continue to suffer.’
    • ‘They are bound to start fighting between Dalits and upper caste people.’
    • ‘Following this, Dalits stopped some members of the landlord community today in the village.’
    • ‘Due to these leaders, the lower castes and Dalits are now no longer meek and subdued.’
    • ‘By memorialising him in a suit, the Dalits were celebrating his successful storming of an upper caste citadel.’
    • ‘Even in High Courts and embassies, the number of Dalits employed is a fraction of upper caste staff.’
    • ‘Singh is one of the Dalit or ‘untouchable’ castes that make up about a fifth of the state's voters.’
    • ‘They have to achieve social equality, much like the Dalits or the Black Americans.’
    • ‘But many had questions on how Dalits came to be in the first place.’
    • ‘Laws granting Dalits special consideration for government jobs and education reach only a small percentage of those they are meant to benefit.’
    • ‘If there exist powerful forces that still oppose the rights of the Dalits, they do so against an entity that is empowered and assertive.’
    • ‘About 56 houses of Dalits had been damaged, eight of them badly damaged.’
    • ‘The circumstances under which Dalits had started their struggle were extremely unfavourable and difficult.’
    • ‘Inspired by her father's commitment, she wished to emancipate Dalits.’
    • ‘The Dalits, typically farmers and laborers, were sometimes forced from refugee camps.’
    • ‘Perhaps as many as one hundred thousand Dalits have followed his example.’
    • ‘I can see the law at last punishing those who kill, abuse or oppress Dalits.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit dalita ‘oppressed’.