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  • 1A dog of a large, white short-haired breed with dark spots.

    • ‘Large, powerful dogs are frequently targeted, including Akitas, chow chows, Dalmatians, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Danes, pit bulls, Rottweilers as well as mixes of these breeds.’
    • ‘Seven Labrador Retrievers, two Dalmatians, a boxer and a mongrel owned by Chinni Krishna are ‘Doctor Dogs’.’
    • ‘I was breeding Dalmatians at the time and I sold a puppy to a hippie couple and they painted all the back spots purple, and came into town and everyone was like, oh yeah, purple spots.’
    • ‘One guy decided that the world should know the number of spots his Dalmatian had so he gave his dog a web page and started the concept of personal home pages.’
    • ‘This simply illustrates the phenotypic composition of the reported Dalmatians in terms of spot color, which has never been shown to correlate with deafness.’
    • ‘It was fashionable to keep a famous breed like a Dalmatian, but owners abandoned them once they realized they might not make good pets because they need lots of attention and are frisky, he said.’
    • ‘He's everywhere and nowhere, more spotted than a Dalmatian.’
    • ‘Unlike the symmetrical spots of the Dalmatian, the patches are jagged and irregular.’
    • ‘One must remember that the Dalmatian was bred to run with horse and carriage.’
    • ‘The day belonged to massive Mastiffs, Great Danes, hairy Pomeranians, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Dalmatians and Miniature Pinschers.’
    • ‘Congenital deafness seems to be linked to the gene that produces the white color in both English setters and Dalmatians.’
    • ‘The family dog Jasper, a brown spotted Dalmatian, strained at his lead as master and family passed by.’
    • ‘She has brown eyes and loves dog such as Dalmatians and her lovely beagle, Bugsy.’
    • ‘Thomas's mother Vicky Brennan, who will be at Crufts showing her bitch Dalmatian, said: ‘Thomas works extremely hard.’’
    • ‘This inspired Jack and Harry Bagust, brothers from the Sydney area, to breed one of these hybrids to a Dalmatian imported from Great Britain.’
    • ‘He always travelled with his dog, Jack, she said, a male Dalmatian who usually sat in the passenger seat of his four wheel drive Toyota land cruiser.’
    • ‘Daisy the Dalmatian has given birth to 14 puppies.’
    • ‘And long romps with Pongo, the resident Dalmatian turn the haven into a dog lover's paradise.’
    • ‘Mani took some time to complete the formalities for he has two more dogs in tow - a six year old Pom and its larger companion, a one-year-old Dalmatian.’
    • ‘A local veterinarian confirmed that Dalmatians often have a litter average of 12.’
  • 2A native or inhabitant of Dalmatia.

    • ‘He is a Dalmatian, a native of the island of Brac, and he did not enjoy what we might term a normal childhood.’
    • ‘Heritability estimates have been reported in Californian, Swiss, and German Dalmatians.’
    • ‘These were all well established by the 1890s, and were added to by Croatian Dalmatians in WA and Lebanese in NSW.’
    • ‘The Dalmatians stood up against the Italians and took up weapons.’
    • ‘The largest food provision house in Nevada in the 1860s was owned by Dalmatians.’


  • Relating to Dalmatia.

    • ‘The marble the US built the White House with comes from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.’
    • ‘Recently, however, the King of Hungary had been inciting rebellion in the Dalmatian towns, offering them his protection.’
    • ‘Split is the capital of Croatia's Dalmatian region.’
    • ‘Like many who fled Vukovar, both girls found themselves on the Dalmatian coast, once home to Croatia's famed resorts.’
    • ‘The best period to visit the Dalmatian coast is from April to October.’


Late 16th century (in Dalmatian (sense 2 of the noun)): the dog is believed to have originated in Dalmatia in the 18th century.