Meaning of damage control in English:

damage control

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mass nounmainly North American
  • Action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error; damage limitation.

    ‘this meeting was a combined exercise in damage control’
    • ‘the new submarine model has the latest damage-control systems’
    • ‘This game really could have benefited from a realistic damage control system for the cars.’
    • ‘In a damage-control exercise, one of the contractor friends of the officer hurriedly arranged a party in a local restaurant and footed the bill.’
    • ‘The empowered committee meeting on infrastructure was more of a damage-control exercise by the government than anything else.’
    • ‘When a large company gets clobbered in the press the damage-control response often includes phony full-page newspaper ads.’
    • ‘Obviously, this article is informed by CIA sources who are enacting their own damage control.’
    • ‘Now they're running a damage control P.R. campaign to not lose any business.’
    • ‘Target reps quickly met with city and community leaders to do a little damage control.’
    • ‘Their parents, wondering what happened to the sweet children they used to know before they turned into teenagers, may be in a reactive damage-control mode, or may have given up altogether.’
    • ‘None of the options is great; it's about picking your poison and playing the damage-control game.’
    • ‘The damage-control team searched every inch of the assembly line for flaws.’
    • ‘When a celebrity has a little damage control to do, the late night comedy program is the forum of choice.’
    • ‘A damage control team was called in with Billy overseeing the mop up operation.’
    • ‘I called you together to formulate a damage control plan and I want your ideas now.’
    • ‘You do a little damage control, point out it's an isolated incident and offer condolences to the victim.’
    • ‘As long as he has to take us seriously, there is still hope of at least exercising a bit of damage control.’
    • ‘And so they're in damage-control mode here at the White House.’
    • ‘If so, other institutions eager to repair their images might consider setting the stage for similar damage-control moves.’
    • ‘I have a friend who does corporate PR damage control for this sort of thing.’
    • ‘I haven't been moved by politics in a long time, because for the most part, it has been about damage control.’
    • ‘I needed to talk to Stephanie right away and do some major damage control.’