Meaning of damage feasant in English:

damage feasant

Pronunciation /ˈfiːz(ə)nt/


mass nounEnglish Law
  • Damage done on one person's land by another person's trespassing animal, which justifies the landowner in retaining the animal until compensated.

    • ‘Another circumstance that may exclude unlawfulness is the consent of the aggrieved party if the damage feasant does not harm or violate public interest.’


English Law
  • On grounds of damage caused to land or property.

    ‘I can distrain the goods damage feasant’
    • ‘Where animals are taken damage feasant and are replevied by the owner, the defendant in that action may recover the damages which he has suffered by reason of the trespass, and a separate action is not necessary.’
    • ‘The defendants had no more right to destroy a neighbor's chickens when thus found damage feasant than they would his cattle.’


Late 16th century from Old French damage fesant ‘doing damage’.