Meaning of damascened in English:



  • 1(of iron or steel) given a wavy pattern by hammer-welding and repeated heating and forging.

    ‘a damascened blade’
    • ‘During the 18th century there appeared a whole range of remarkably decorative corkscrews made of silver, or gold, or chased and damascened steel.’
  • 2(of a metal object) inlaid with gold or silver decoration.

    ‘a pocket looking glass, silver damascened with gold’
    • ‘His richly damascened armour also suggests Bontemps's decorative ability.’
    • ‘The knives have long solid bolsters typical of the period, decorated with gilt damascened flowers and foliage, and short half handles of rock crystal, a material prized by most cultures since ancient times.’
    • ‘The brooding elegance of their clothes finds its counterpoint in the lustrous tapestried vestments of Ss Stephen and Augustine, who have descended from heaven to lower the warrior count, in his damascened armour, into his vault.’
    • ‘The barrel was pattern welded by winding a damascened band in a spiral around a mandrel.’
    inset, set, enchased, ornamented, decorated, studded, lined, panelled, tiled



/ˈdaməsiːnd/ /ˌdaməˈsiːnd/