Meaning of damask rose in English:

damask rose

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  • A sweet-scented rose of an old variety, having pink or light red velvety petals which are used to make attar.

    Rosa damascena, family Rosaceae

    ‘To add to the atmosphere there are also several brass and cut glass dishes full of potpourri featuring the damask roses and lavender of last summer, and topped with tiny whole rosebuds that I dried in silica sand.’
    • ‘Cultivated varieties such as the damask rose, introduced by a Frenchman in 1786, took to the region with enthusiasm.’
    • ‘The chocolate cup has a series of oblong and faceted oval panels decorated with damask roses on a white background.’
    • ‘The perfume of a damask rose instantly transports me across the years to my grandmother's garden.’
    • ‘For cooking, it is best to buy rose water from Middle Eastern and Indian stores or whole food shops, where you can usually find some made from the highly scented damask rose.’