Meaning of damiana in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdeɪmɪˈɑːnə/

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  • A small shrub native to tropical America, whose leaves are used in herbal medicine and in the production of a liqueur, and also reputedly possess aphrodisiac qualities.

    Turnera diffusa, family Turneraceae

    ‘Some of the herbs that are listed as ingredients include damiana, chaste tree, black cohosh and saw palmetto.’
    • ‘The herbal remedies suggested by the website include kava kava, damiana, lemon balm, St John's wort and 5HTP.’
    • ‘In this, it is deeper acting than other herbs, such as the African yohimbe, the South America muira puama or the milder Central American damiana.’
    • ‘Did this to make Maywine one year; the brew was mugwort, damiana, rosehips, and some others in mead.’
    • ‘For an aphrodisiac drink, mix 2 ounces each of damiana and muira puama tinctures in your favorite adult punch.’


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