Meaning of dammar in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdamə/


(also damar)
mass noun
  • Resin obtained from any of a number of tropical, chiefly Indo-Malaysian trees, used to make varnish.

    The resin is obtained from trees in the families Araucariaceae (genus Agathis), Dipterocarpaceae (genera Hopea, Shorea, and Vatica), and Burseraceae (genus Canarium)

    ‘Acrylic and ketone resins are used in place of the traditional dammar, mastic, and copal resins for the manufacture of many oil painting media and picture varnishes.’
    • ‘The native Dayaks use damar (resin collected from the trees) for lamp fuel.’
    • ‘Using the ancient method of encaustic painting, Berger combines a rich blend of raw pigment, liquid wax and dammar crystals, which she burns on the surface.’
    • ‘They welcomed us in, lighting tapers laced with damar gum that exuded a wonderful smell and were attached to the walls, giving their house the feel of a baronial hall.’


Late 17th century from Malay damar ‘resin’.