Meaning of damn all in English:

damn all

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informal British
  • Nothing at all.

    • ‘there's damn all you can do about it’
    • ‘I haven't commented largely because, as anyone who reads my site will know, I know damn all about economics.’
    • ‘There's just damn all on worth listening to between 2 and 5.’
    • ‘Anyway, that's got damn all to do with anything.’
    • ‘I had thought that the second world war addiction was a peculiarly British phenomenon, a drug we reached for because we have achieved damn all as a nation ever since.’
    • ‘I've drifted about doing damn all this morning, gazing into space and half starting various things but finishing none.’
    • ‘UN approval has got damn all to do with the morality of the thing.’
    • ‘If the phantom virus does come here, there's damn all they can do about it anyway.’
    • ‘What starts so modestly as a meditation on the pleasures of doing damn all has in its last movement the nerve and velocity of the gangster film at its purest and most primal.’
    • ‘It would create a few jobs and relieve congestion and it would cost damn all.’
    • ‘They let me have the run of the library and there's damn all else to do here.’