Meaning of damp-dry in English:



[with object]
  • Dry (something wet) until it is only damp.

    ‘damp-dry the fish with kitchen paper’
    • ‘The new washers which perform the complete clothes-cleaning cycle of washing, rinsing, and damp-drying at the push of a button take the ‘blue’ out of Monday.’
    • ‘It allows the user to operate the dryer for short time intervals when only damp-drying of clothes is desired.’
    • ‘Clean the joint thoroughly with a little water, then after that has damp-dried, pack the joints with the Alsey or Heat-Stop and let it dry before using.’
    • ‘When cars emerge from Premier's Econocraft tunnel - where they're automatically washed, waxed and damp-dried with the aid of a sensor-triggered computer - a number is announced corresponding to the service package purchased.’
    • ‘The other advertised itself as ‘a new, completely automatic, self-service laundry center that washes, triple-rinses and damp-dries up to 9 lb. of laundry for only 25 cents… 30-minute service.’’