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Pronunciation /ˈdampə/

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  • 1A person or thing that has a subduing or inhibiting effect.

    ‘there's nothing like a swarm of bees to completely put a damper on a graduation ceremony’
    • ‘Both groups have demanded that he should receive a fair trial, helping to put the dampers on the muted triumphalism that greeted his capture and imprisonment.’
    • ‘For most of us, the news we are in for another cold, wet October weekend will be enough to put the dampers on our weekend plans.’
    • ‘By the time the music stops and a Reno campaign ad comes on the giant video screens, putting a bit of a damper on the already struggling atmosphere, my new friends have climbed onto a huge plastic stage, where they gyrate to the ad.’
    • ‘Fortunately, they all survived, so we didn't have to suffer the embarrassing ‘paramedics removing the body from the stage’ situation, which puts a serious damper on any show.’
    • ‘However, Councillor Dwight Reimer put an immediate damper on this suggestion, pointing out Hirschfeld Road lacks the base for an asphalt layer and would have to be completely rebuilt at much greater cost.’
    • ‘The recent dramatic change in the weather conditions put a bit of a damper on the holiday weekend and, although the inns and restaurants were fairly busy, there were a lot less visitors about than there would have been.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that the pressure of wage inflation has put a bit of a damper on competitiveness and, therefore, multinational companies may be looking at alternative sites for their industries.’
    • ‘And that could be a damper on economic confidence, because a lot of Americans depend on lower interest rates for home equity and, of course, for credit card rates.’
    • ‘And for a population always complaining about the weather - the tropical summer throws a damper on everything - all rushing to the beaches for some relief.’
    • ‘Worst yet is that we're expecting to have gas prices way over $2.20 / gallon in the summer months… which puts a serious damper on my travel plans!’
    • ‘Managing your monthly credit card bills can be a damper on your free time, but how about retracing the entire bill in black marker and photo documenting every purchase on your statement?’
    • ‘Presumably, that and the rest of Duke's so-so publicity over recent months has put something of a damper on his efforts to unload the mansion.’
    • ‘Nothing puts quite a damper on your day as opening the mail and seeing an invitation to join the planning committee for your 25th class reunion.’
    • ‘I think the Japanese hosts ruined the World Cup this year and ultimately put a permanent damper on the sport for years to come…’
    • ‘A damper on their holiday, however, was the unexpected death of Sean's brother Denny in Ahane, Knocknagoshel last week.’
    • ‘One PNM strategy team official said yesterday that Khan's resignation and the reasons for it may place a damper on the convention.’
    • ‘The term-end exams at this time of the year when most children have their noses buried in text books is hardly a damper to the ICDB initiatives.’
    • ‘This puts a slight damper on Kerry's whole domestic policy agenda.’
    • ‘And the rain in the early part of this summer, did that put a damper at all on any of the attendance?’
    • ‘The lorry strike has certainly thrown a damper on the affairs of the market for the last three days.’
    curb, check, restraint, restriction, limit, limitation, constraint, stricture, rein, brake, control, impediment, obstacle, hindrance
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    1. 1.1Music A pad silencing a piano string except when removed by means of a pedal or by the note being struck.
      ‘The basic notes of Philip Glass's music are very few and usually surrounded by a haze of the overtones created by the damper pedal of the piano.’
      • ‘When a pianist actually looks at the damper action while pedaling, or watches the hammers strike the string for only a split second, her body will shift to a more kinesthetic, intuitive and efficient mode.’
      • ‘During performance, most students will need to stand while depressing the damper pedal to access the interior of the piano.’
      • ‘The first sixty pages of this useful volume are devoted to the damper pedal, which Katherine Faricy rightly claims often is treated like a light switch: it is either on or off.’
      • ‘While not the best way to introduce damper pedaling techniques, four-voiced chorales are highly appropriate for reinforcing or testing established pedaling techniques.’
      • ‘Sometime try sitting at a piano, and hold down the damper pedal (the one on the right that makes it hold notes).’
      • ‘Today I asked your child to depress the right pedal, to stop the action of the dampers so that the strings could vibrate freely.’
      • ‘Although the escapement enables the hammer to fall away from the string, the damper is not allowed to fall back and damp the string until the key is released.’
      • ‘In arpeggios in Romantic music there is a successive playing of parts of a chord; they are usually played in order of ascending pitch and the highest note carries the melody, the tones are sustained by the use of the damper pedal.’
      • ‘Mechanically, the piano's capacities for expressiveness increased, through more powerful and even action, damper pedals, and a full seven octaves.’
      • ‘The piano teacher gives all lessons on an early fortepiano that has a knee lever for operating the damper mechanism.’
    2. 1.2A device for reducing mechanical vibration, in particular a shock absorber on a motor vehicle.
      ‘Also known as crankshaft dampers, these devices dwell in the harsh environment of a vehicle's engine and serve to reduce the noise and vibration of a vehicle.’
      • ‘Thankfully, the dampers and shock absorbers do their job without being easily visible, taking away nothing from Foster's ‘blade of light.’’
      • ‘The dampers (shock absorbers) are gas charged.’
      • ‘Available in hunting and sporting models and 12 and 20 gauge, the Urika features a recoil vibration damper that reduces felt recoil.’
      • ‘The front end of the crankshaft features a damper designed to absorb idiosyncratic vibrations and minimize the transmission of vibration to the belt drive.’
      • ‘The tank has been equipped with torsion bar running gear and hydraulic dampers have been fitted to the first and last pair of wheels.’
      • ‘A suspected damper failure struck as Mike Jordan and David Warnock were holding third place in N-GT and left them to eventually battle home sixth with an ill-handling car.’
      • ‘The suspension is custom made double wishbones with coil-over dampers front and rear, and while the rear also utilises custom made fabricated steel uprights, the front end gets surprisingly mundane by using uprights from an old Cortina.’
      • ‘Tuned mass dampers with springs are placed between the underside of the walkway and the steel transverse arms below it.’
      • ‘At the same time we did some more development work on the dampers, fine-tuning earlier findings from the last three meetings for the race at Oschersleben.’
      • ‘Maintenance workers will periodically inspect dampers and check their oil content.’
      • ‘The keen driver is more likely to appreciate the difference made by lowering the car, fitting 19 in wheels with special Pirelli tyres, and the Sky Hook active dampers that act 10 times faster than conventional adaptive damper systems.’
      • ‘Each damper then effectively does its own thing, responding to what each individual wheel is doing and controlling the stance, roll and pitch of the car.’
      • ‘Its twin-turbo engine has 425 bhp instead of 340 bhp but the most significant work has been saved for the chassis, which gains stiffer springs, race-specification dampers and a front anti-roll bar.’
      • ‘The dampers react in real time to variations in the road surface or driving style and adjust themselves automatically to the prevailing conditions.’
      • ‘Vehicles officially imported through the Toyota network had conventional springs and dampers.’
      • ‘Peugeot's Marcus Gronholm was in first place and set to collect his fifth rally victory this season after winning special stage 16 and seeing his main rival, Petter Solberg of Subaru, break his front damper.’
      • ‘The first time I had ridden this bike was at Brands Hatch and it did not even have a steering damper.’
      • ‘The major change is in the modern race-car-derived suspension, using double wishbones with pushrod-operated springs and dampers.’
      • ‘MacPherson's design placed the damper inside the spring and did away with the upper arm, thus halving the number of components.’
    3. 1.3A conductor used to reduce oscillation in an electric motor or generator.
      ‘Magneto-rheological dampers use an electromagnetic coil inside the damper's piston to increase the fluid's viscosity by aligning the magnetic particles when a current is applied.’
      • ‘It was a component for a vibration damper on the crankshaft for its 3-liter engine.’
      • ‘The crankshaft also has a viscous type torsional vibration damper.’
      • ‘Another addition is a tensioning damper that must work whether the unit is cranking the engine or generating power.’
      • ‘To suppress this phenomenon, a pair of hydraulic dampers was attached to each cable.’
    4. 1.4A movable metal plate in a flue or chimney, used to regulate the draught and so control the rate of combustion.
      ‘Airflow into the base of the flue and out of the top is regulated by dampers controlled by the building management system, which also controls airflow from the building into the flue.’
      • ‘They also should have electrically operated dampers to limit and control the amount of outside air entering the return side of the air handler.’
      • ‘Check the seal on the flue damper and make it as snug as possible.’
      • ‘Make sure your chimney damper is closed when not in use.’
      • ‘When the fireplace is not in use, keep the flue damper tightly closed.’
      • ‘In winter, when the fireplace is not being used, keep the flue damper closed tightly.’
      • ‘According to the latest standards, dampers must either be removed or permanently secured in the open position if gas logs are installed.’
      • ‘An open damper in a 48-inch square fireplace can allow a heat loss of up to 8 percent through the chimney.’
      • ‘If you have an open fireplace, it's good to keep the damper open all the time, as it brings a good draft of air from outside into the house.’
      • ‘Service openings must be provided in air ducts adjacent to each fire damper, smoke damper and smoke detector to accommodate inspection and operational tests.’
      • ‘Use a hinged damper weather hood to prevent backdraft and place it at least 12 inches off the ground.’
      • ‘The inspector noted officers were not able to demonstrate operation of radio equipment, engine room ventilation fire dampers were defective and the means of lifeboat recovery inoperative.’
      • ‘When you use your fireplace, you can reduce the stress on your heating system by opening dampers at the bottom of the firebox.’
      • ‘Similarly, closing outdoor air dampers will reduce humidity levels but will also reduce the amount of outdoor air being brought into the building, potentially causing indoor air quality problems.’
      • ‘Closing outside air dampers or shutting off exhaust fans - either partially or completely - reduces heating and cooling loads caused by the intake of outside air.’
      • ‘For example, on most bath fans and kitchen exhaust hoods, the damper is located on the housing of the fan unit, right at the point where the vent pipe attaches to the housing.’
      • ‘An open damper in a fireplace is the equivalent of having a 30-by - 6-inch hole in the roof, or about 180 square inches.’
      • ‘These pressure transducers are connected with the dampers via a control unit which changes the position of the dampers in accordance with the airflow condition.’
      • ‘When your home is warm enough, the thermostat causes the damper to close, and the fire burns at a reduced level.’
      • ‘Cycling fans and adjusting damper settings can cut fan motor loads and reduce exfiltration, potentially cutting uncontrolled exhaust of conditioned air.’
  • 2mainly Australian, mainly New Zealand An unleavened loaf or cake of flour and water baked in wood ashes.

    ‘I mixed the damper (flour, butter, water, love), wrapped it in aluminium foil, and buried it in the coals of the fire.’
    • ‘The menu also included oysters, prawns, turkey, smoked kangaroo, dampers, bread with wattleseed and a range of desserts with native fruits.’
    • ‘As representative of everyday staple I would like to single out damper, a simple flat bread made of self-raising flour and hot water and baked on the hot ashes or on a wire over a small fire.’
    • ‘Two dietary staples from earlier times are damper, an unleavened type of bread that is cooked over a fire, and billy tea, a strong, robust hot drink that is brewed in an open pot.’
    • ‘Over a cup of tea, and a damper and corned beef sandwich people swapped stories about Les and what life used to be like in that beautiful part of the Territory.’
    • ‘Each year John hosts 80 New Zealand pony club members who get to experience an Aussie bush camp under the fig tree, complete with stew and damper and sausages with tomato and onion gravy.’
    • ‘As a result, it's the old stand-by for lunch - damper and jam.’
    • ‘The day begins with a free billy tea and damper breakfast sponsored by the Wyreema Animal Nursery, to get everyone ready for the day's celebrations.’
    • ‘Those of you who enjoy whittling green sticks into skewers can make damper bread, a traditional Australian bush bread that is either baked in a cast-iron lidded camp pot buried in the embers, or on sticks over the fire.’
    • ‘Once ready, dampers can be smothered in butter, syrup or jam, or filled with a campfire sausage.’
    • ‘From the camp-fire wafted smells of fried barramundi and fresh damper; while Ned, hot-foot from the Swing Arm Bar down at the Station Township and quite the little bar fly, was handing round tinnies from the eskie.’
    • ‘And when you want a bite to eat you can head on over to John's camp oven for a steaming plate of stew and damper.’


    In the sense ‘something that takes the edge off the appetite’.


    put a damper on
    • Have a subduing or inhibiting effect on.

      ‘he put a damper on her youthful excitement’
      • ‘A droopy stock market and the dot-com crash that began nearly two years ago put a damper on the high end at a time when many were trying to cash in on the real-estate boom.’
      • ‘Quit worrying, you're putting a damper on the day.’
      • ‘Well, okay, bad weather can put a damper on any vacation (pardon the pun).’
      • ‘The abject disappointment of not being able to scare the neighbors with early morning firecrackers put a damper on our spirit.’
      • ‘I don't mean to put a damper on your having fun but real life still happens in summer.’
      • ‘It was a pity that someone put a damper on the effort by passing a Greek note off as a £10.’
      • ‘Due to the rough seas, the group arrived a little late in Perth, but this did not put a damper on the holiday.’
      • ‘The downpour put a damper on the event, sending revellers dashing to their cars.’
      • ‘The escalating cost of insurance is putting a damper on a village's bonfire night celebrations.’
      • ‘In addition, high transaction costs - sales commissions plus transfer taxes - put a damper on rapid turnover of homes.’
      • ‘Of course there's always the obstacles of blocked aisles, crowded check-out lanes and a shortage of cashiers to put a damper on my plans for a quick trip.’
      • ‘The rain also put a damper on the garden party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse yesterday afternoon.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the heavy rain and gusting winds on Saturday put a damper on the day's events.’
      • ‘Not even coming 11th in the competition put a damper on the all singing, all dancing Irish supporters who partied all the way.’
      • ‘The threat of rising interest rates in the coming months may put a damper on further consumer spending.’
      • ‘Weather conditions could hardly have been worse for the event with a strong biting wind and frequent wintry showers of rain and hail putting a damper on proceedings.’
      • ‘Anna and I presumed the bad weather had put a damper on the festivities so we cracked open the bottle of booze we had taken along.’
      • ‘The newlyweds refused to let the typical English weather put a damper on their honeymoon and spent a week in a caravan.’
      • ‘I'm willing to bet that the hurricane put a damper on the real estate market, but in a month or two, the signs will be washed off, propped back up, and it will be business as usual.’
      • ‘Even constant drizzle failed to put a damper on proceedings as the flag-waving throng partied late into the night.’