Meaning of damply in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdampli/


See damp

‘A piece of cottonwood fluff brought low by the rain settles damply onto the hood of the truck.’
  • ‘I left with my head held high and my uncut locks damply streaming behind me.’
  • ‘Twenty minutes later, skin still tingling and hair falling damply down her back, she trudged barefoot, dressed in jeans and an old sweat shirt toward her computer.’
  • ‘I sat up with my nightgown clinging damply to my back.’
  • ‘It was late June and unseasonably warm; small tendrils of her perfectly coiffed hair now clung damply to the back of her nape.’
  • ‘The hair around her face was curling in the humidity, her face shining with sweat, her clothes hanging damply from her limbs.’