Meaning of damsel bug in English:

damsel bug


  • A slender long-legged bug that is a predator of other insects.

    Family Nabidae, suborder Heteroptera: several genera

    ‘Other piercing-sucking predators include several species each of big-eyed bugs, damsel bugs and minute pirate bugs.’
    • ‘The damsel bug, Nabis kinbergii Reuter inserts its eggs singly into soft plant tissues so that the circular emergence caps protrude above the surface.’
    • ‘Adults of the western damsel bug, N. alternatus, begin emerging in May or early June.’
    • ‘Adult damsel bugs spend the winter in groundcover and winter crops such as winter grain and alfalfa.’
    • ‘Other beneficials include damsel bugs, ground beetles, hover flies and beneficial nematodes.’
    • ‘The damsel bug, preys on soft-bodied insects such as aphids, jassids, caterpillars and moth and butterfly eggs.’
    • ‘Nabids or damsel bugs are pale tan to gray insects about 3/8 inch long.’
    • ‘There are several common natural factors that may reduce greenbug survival, including parasitic wasps, lady beetles, damsel bugs, syrphid fly larvae, green lacewing larvae, diseases and the weather.’
    • ‘The damsel bugs are small yellowish to brownish insects with prominent eyes.’
    • ‘The two species of Nabid that are common in cotton fields are the damsel bug and pale damsel bug.’
    • ‘The highest populations of big-eyed bugs and damsel bugs were only 0.4 per sweep.’
    • ‘The most common damsel bugs are are pale yellow to brown with well developed wings - genus Nabis is common throughout the United States.’
    • ‘Adult damsel bugs do resemble plant bugs somewhat in general body shape, but are more slender.’
    • ‘Be a little careful with damsel bugs because they are predators and can give a painful bite to big and small alike.’
    • ‘More common, but less frequently observed, are the various light brown damsel bugs, also called nabid bugs.’
    • ‘Although damsel bugs are predators, they are sometimes prey for spiders, assassin bugs, birds, and other creatures.’
    • ‘Several species of spiders, damsel bugs and predatory stink bugs kill young larvae.’
    • ‘Beneficials such as big-eyed bugs, damsel bugs, spiders, and minute pirate bugs should be moving into fields that are starting to square.’
    • ‘Predators that help control lygus bugs, big-eyed bugs, damsel bugs, assassin bugs, and crab spiders are the major predators of lygus bugs which are found in alfalfa seed fields.’
    • ‘The nabids (damsel bugs) and the minute pirate bugs are generalist predators of soft-bodied insects.’