Meaning of damselfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdamz(ə)lfɪʃ/

nounplural noun damselfish, plural noun damselfishes

  • A small brightly coloured tropical marine fish that lives in or near coral reefs.

    Chromis and other genera, family Pomacentridae: numerous species

    ‘Closer to the reef and in among a necklace of smaller granite boulders are all the usual reef fish - butterflyfish, damselfish, Moorish idols, triggerfish, angelfish, groupers and lionfish.’
    • ‘An increase in territory quality has been shown to increase the aggressive intensity of S. planifrons, a damselfish closely related to the beaugregory damselfish.’
    • ‘Down the bottom, skulking around coral in the sandy lagoon floor, are tiny damselfishes.’
    • ‘Three-spot damselfish are common members of Caribbean reef communities.’
    • ‘Because both cleaners and damselfish are diurnal, cleaning activities only occur during daylight periods.’
    • ‘Small damselfishes make a new reef-style habitat in the tangle of branches.’
    • ‘Many male damselfish, wrasses, and angelfish, among others, maintain harems.’
    • ‘Hundreds of tiny damselfishes dart around in shoals, finning their swift way through sunlit waters.’
    • ‘I can see small schools of brightly coloured damselfish dart in and out of their coral shelters.’
    • ‘The sites are home to a vast variety of reef dwellers such as the damselfish, angelfish, butterflyfish and sweetlips.’
    • ‘Up to 25 percent of all fish on reefs are cardinalfish, and damselfish compose up to 50 percent of the total fish biomass (weight of all the fish) on reefs, the study says.’
    • ‘In the open water just off the reef, great swarms of damselfish cavorted, collecting plankton while barracuda cruised by trying to select an easy meal.’
    • ‘Amid the ever-present clouds of little midnight-blue triggerfish and brilliant damselfish, and closely observed by a Napoleion wrasse, we rose from 20m in a gentle upward spiral until we ran out of reef.’
    • ‘The deadly shelter of the stinging tentacles of sea anemones, which are lethal to smaller creatures, provides safe lodging for spotted damselfish and boldly striped clown fish.’
    • ‘Swarms of anthias, wrasse, emerald green triggerfish, damselfish, clownfish and butterflyfish shrouded it but never strayed far into the intermediate zone patrolled by trevally, tuna, jacks and fusiliers.’
    • ‘The anemonefishes provide some protection and bring in sources of nourishment for their anemone hosts, and some groups of juvenile damselfishes clean other fishes.’
    • ‘Many small fish, including juvenile fairy basslets and damselfish, retreat into crinoid arms when bigger fish appear.’
    • ‘In addition, some fishes are quite good at identifying other species; the Beau Gregory damselfish is apparently able to distinguish 50 different reef fish species that occur within its territory.’
    • ‘Grouper are close to the top of the fish food chain, anthias and damselfish near the bottom, so there must be smaller fish somewhere.’
    • ‘Closer to the reef, divers will be attracted by the hive of activity - wrasses, damselfish, butterflyfish and cleaner fish dart about foraging for food among the hard corals.’