Meaning of dance card in English:

dance card


  • A card bearing the names of a woman's prospective partners at a formal dance.

    ‘we went to the school dance and the girls kept dance cards’
    • ‘She spoke about how, when she was thirteen and lived in Berlin, just before her mother died, her sister, Beth, was supposed to go to a ball, and had three royal princes on her dance card.’
    • ‘Don't put away your dance card just yet, because it turns out that there are plenty of single men in New York City to go around.’
    • ‘I knew I stood out in a crowd because I was immediately surrounded by young men who wanted to fill my dance card.’
    • ‘Anna, feeling better, continued dancing with the other men on her dance card.’
    • ‘She then picked up a dance card from the nearby marble table and went to the ballroom.’
    • ‘They were the biggest events in village life and the girls had dance cards and long dresses for them.’