Meaning of dancetté in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdansəteɪ/


(also dancetty)
usually postpositive
  • Having deep zigzag indentations.

    ‘The shield divided dancetty resembles the letter ‘W’ suggesting the name of the school.’
    • ‘The pall was blazoned as indented on the Letter of Intent, but the proper description is dancetty when the zigzagged edges run parallel to each other.’
    • ‘The French blazon for the per fess dancetty coat follows a different principle from the English, which partitions the shield into separate pieces.’
    • ‘Some of the other most common lines of partition are engrailed, invected, wavy, nebuly, indented, dancetty, embattled, raguly, dovetailed, and potenty.’
    • ‘At its centre is a divided dancette blue over green.’


Early 17th century alteration of French denché, based on Latin dens, dent- ‘tooth’.